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Usher Ministry

The ministry of church ushers plays a vital role in the hospitality and welcome ministry of the church.

Serving as an Usher helps the church to provide a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment for guests attending services and special events. 


The Usher Ministry accommodates every congregants who enters the church with a seat in the most pleasant and efficient manner possible.

  • We provide a comfortable, God-fearing and loving orderly atmosphere for the congregants to come and worship.

  • To ensure that the members receive all necessary needs to enjoy a pleasant worship experience.

  • To ensure that each member is safe and the sanctuary is setup for worship.


We serve every person that enters COGOP One Accord Ministry with a one to one experience and exchange of love that radiates people from just sitting in the chair to becoming disciples of Jesus Christ through the service provided by the Usher’s Ministry.

Usher Minstry Leader Margaret Addy

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