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Men's Ministry

COGOP One Accord Ministry is proud and at the same time thankful to God for the healthy men’s presence that He has blessed us with.


We have men of all different races, ages and backgrounds. There are businessmen, professionals, public servants and private sector employees . Even though they come from various socioeconomic backgrounds they all have one thing in common, they love Jesus.


Our aim is to nurture an army of men that would go against the grain, stand for what is right and lead our women and children in righteousness. In addition to the spiritual aspect there are social events that are geared towards fostering bonding, fellowship and nurturing.


The mission of the Men's Ministry is to provide men with the resources to develop Godly character and help equip them to influence their world for Jesus Christ. To bring men into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To unite men in Bible study, prayer, ministry, fellowship, and accountability.


Men's Ministry Leader Min. Verlin Meade

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